St. Patrick's Week

3/13 St Practice Day 6pm

Practice makes perfect, right? Get prepped for St. Patrick's day with us at our 1st St. Practice Day party. Live music from irish folk/ ounk act, Ghosts of Bannockburn, getting us started at 6pm, then Erath Old keeps the party going playing all your favorite songs or dance the night away with DJ BBQ Sauce in our Green Room! Two parties under one Roof! Green beer and great times! Free until 9pm!

3/14 Shamrocks & Shenanigans 12 Noon 

Hang out with us during Rich & Bennett's St. Patty's Crawl for Shamrocks & Shenanigans! We will have live music and fun for everyone all day long! Check out our line up  here

3/15 Lucky Sunday Funday 10PM

DJ Holla keeps the dance floor going during a special St. Patty's Sunday Funday.

3/17 St/ Patrick's Day Bash 6PM

It's Tuesday & we don't care because its St. Patty's! If you didn't get to enjoy the weekend or you were working it, then Tin Roof is the spot for you! Live music from Rotie Salley kicking off at 6pm, then Captain Lunchbox takes over the stage with all your favorite songs, while DJ Apollo keeps you moving in the Green Room. Green beer, The Best live music and great times!